I can change the world with my two hands is a project initiated by artist Natascha Hagenbeek. With this she is one of the drivers of urban agriculture in Amsterdam. She examines how a vegetable garden in the heart of a city can contribute to the transformation to a beautiful, healthy environment.

The project brings together artistic research and practical actions. The need for truth and identity in society be examined with artistic means, in a city garden in a sustainable ecosystem, and creates the neighborhood.

The project was inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog, a catalog from the seventies of last century holism, ecology and independence brought together and do-it-yourself citizen provided tools to handle themselves.

A city garden in Amsterdam-West is the heart of the project. In this city oasis, people can be inspired by their own hands to make the world a little better. Currently there with local residents and business owners to achieve a sustainable food-waste recycling. On the one hand fruit and vegetable waste from the neighborhood transformed into fertile earth and also the proceeds deposited in vegetables at neighborhood businesses.